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The tale of a coffee table, Part I

Drew and I both recently got weekends.  Weekends may be something you take for granted, but since he had been working retail, and I had been working on my MA, it had been a long time since we actually both had two consecutive days off (five years, in fact).  This meant that there were a lot of projects and things that got put off for those five years.  And one of those things was getting a proper coffee table.

When we first moved to San Francisco from charming Carbondale, Illinois, one of the main things we sacrificed was our office.  This was solved (more or less) by me setting up a folding table in one corner of the living room where I staked out a kind of desk space.  Drew’s job didn’t require him to take home work much (more like never) so he just plopped his ginormous desktop computer on a bedside-dresser-thingy in front of his side of the couch in the middle of the living room.  It wasn’t pretty, but it was functional, and it was supposed to be temporary.

Fast-forward five years…The dresser/table is still in the middle of the living room, the computer is dying, and I have had it with this setup.  Plus, I finally have weekend time to fill!  Enter one amazing Pinterest find: a coffee table constructed out of wine crates, with room for storage and on casters so you can wheel it away. I found the original post from Vintage Chic and started plotting how to get Drew on board.  Turns out he loves the idea, hates everything else out there on Craigslist, and loves me enough to give up a Saturday (and a Sunday, and part of Tuesday night) to make the thing.

So here was our inspiration:

photo credit: Becca Creative

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