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One more reason to love this city: The Bay Lights

English: San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge at night

The San Francisco Bay Bridge at night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

View | The Bay Lights.

Just one more reason I love where I live!

The Bay Bridge deserves a little love, after all —  the Golden Gate is always stealing the show.  When we first moved to San Francisco, it was the Bay Bridge that I could see from my balcony window.  In the evenings, the setting sun would catch on the windows of houses across the Bay and it would look like the hills were on fire.  I would stand out on my little balcony after a long day teaching and think about all the people looking out in my direction admiring the sunset, while I was catching a thousand tiny fireballs gleaming off each window.  It only lasted for a moment each evening, and only happened at all on those certain evenings where we weren’t already socked in with fog.

This man-made light show looks pretty cool, and I’ll definitely go check it out.  But I bet it has nothing on that view from my old balcony.