Where I’ve Been

My last post here was in May of last year.  Eight months have gone by since then, and so much has changed in seemingly so little time.  I accepted a traditional teaching job at a public high school in a small town which required moving to a new home, in a new town, with a totally new way of life.  Farther from friends and family, closer to mountains and vineyards and rural life.  More space to move and spread out, longer commute times.  New challenges at work, and new stress, yet familiar from past experiences.  At times I am homesick for my old life, the easy rhythm I had, the familiarity and comfort of routine carved out over years of repetition.  Looking back over my past blog entries made me remember how much I loved my old life, and made me sad.  But I also saw in those posts a need to justify what I was doing and how I was living, and and underlying craving for change and adventure.  We made the decision to throw everything up in the air and see how it would land together, my husband and I, and we are in this new adventure together and loving the new life we are creating.  It is a slow process, and I must be patient with myself as I sometimes resist change and mourn the old.  Will I continue to post on this blog and make it into something new, or will I let it remain as a testament to my old life?  Perhaps it could become a place to celebrate new discoveries and focus on what I have gained in my new life instead of feeling nostalgia for what I let go of.


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